OpenGL demos taking advantages of Shader Model 4

•Tháng Ba 20, 2009 • Gửi bình luận

Naixela released two demos “geometry shader painterly rendering” and “geometry shader tessellation” taking advantage of Shader Model 4 (inclusive source code).

Found another one:
Integrator’s GPU Particle System Demo

These demos make use of the new OpenGL SM4 extensions:
– GL_EXT_gpu_shader4
– GL_EXT_geometry_shader4


First post on WordPress

•Tháng Hai 26, 2009 • Gửi bình luận

This is my first blog post and also my first post ever on WordPress. Although I’m using Joomla for my private blog, I still find WordPress kinda interesting to mess with. It is as easy as Joomla, if not easier to work with. The only thing that is all the things I posted not on my server, but it’s not biggies.